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Download ZBrush for Windows and Mac – ZBrush is a powerful software to sculpt 3D object with a great feature. This software always updates the new version with some new features added. Besides the main utility, ZBrush can also model and paint a 3D object as well. With only $795 for a license, you can have this awesome software editing for sure.

Furthermore, ZBrush also provides editing and creating a feature for a 2D object. It is not only an ordinary 2D, but the image is also made and edited by deep painting using a simple tool and equipment of ZBrush. However, the details of feature and way to download ZBrush will be explained below.

ZBrush Easy & Powerful Software for 3D Project Feature

1. Live Booleans Toolset

Booleans toolset can manage your poly meshes, NanoMeshes, primitives, and Arrays as well. This toolset can set your group sub tools into subgroup which is very useful in managing your favorite tool into one place and easy to use. Furthermore, Booleans are achieved the chosen tool while you are still editing the object in display and in rendering mode. Therefore, the Booleans are ready to use until you manage to collapse them into a new geometry.

2. Gizmo 3D Tool

Gizmo 3D tool is most likely the first tool of ZBrush that respect the simultaneous manipulation of multiple sub tools. By using this tool, you can edit your 3D project moves, the rotation, and the scale in your ZBrush software. However, Gizmo can also set the center of your 3D project and make it editable. By tracking the center of the object, it will make you manage and edit the project easier. Furthermore, the other function of Gizmo tool is providing a feature to move a sub tool to free space. It will be placed in a powerful alternative location, Transpose tool.

3. Vector Displacement Mesh Brush Tool

Vector Displacement Mesh Brush is a new feature of ZBrush which is managing a complex organic form. This tool allows the forms of complex organisms such as backface and overlapping parts to be stored as a brush on your meshes. Vector Displacement Mesh Brush works by “hiding” the mesh and place it on an alpha map. This feature will provide the software to do some awesome editing in a new shape with the highly complex surfaces sketches. Moreover, the multiple instances are allowed to storing the Insert Multi Mesh brush in a similar manner. It is overlapping scales or the feather to a surface in real-time.

4. 3D Text

Most of the 3D editing software have this feature as the basic utility. It allows you to create a 3D text in your ZBrush application such as a 3D object as your project. Then, you can import the result in the SVG file to generate a logo.

However, that is all the reviews about the features and how to download the ZBrush application.

Detail Software ZBrush

Support For Windows:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (64 bit)

Download ZBrush Latest Version for Windows Filehorse

Support For Mac OS:

Download ZBrush Latest Version for Mac OS X Filehorse

The Official ZBrush Website:

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