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Download RealPlayer Latest Version for Windows – Do you realize that many people tend to Download RealPlayer? Why do they intend to? Perhaps, one of the reasons is that RealPlayer is a cross-platform media player app which is compatible with a large number of file formats including MP3, MP4, Quicktime File Format, Real Video Format, Windows Video Format, and Proprietary Real Audio Format. RealPlayer also proves to be available for Linux, Unix, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, and Symbian. Due to this compatibility, RealPlayer is widely used around the world.

There are some basic features you can optimize if you Download RealPlayer for your media player completing your computer programs. Check out what the features are and make sure you understand every detail of the features to get more optimization.

5 Reasons Why Most People Need To Download RealPlayer

1. Photo and Video Sharing

Designed as a media player app, RealPlayer is able to share photos and videos to Twitter and Facebook directly from the app. You can also be able to share photos or videos to your friends, workmates or family through email and SMS messaging. This easy way of sharing photos and videos is the first feature that the user commonly use optimally if they Download RealPlayer.

2. Audio-Enhancement

The second reason you will find as soon as you Download RealPlayer is the audio enhancement. In this case, the audio enhancement of this app is much supported by the four video “enhancers” which have been available for the newest version of RealPlayer. Those are DFX, iQfx, Volume Logic, and Sanyo 3D Surround. Audio enhancement feature contributes much to allow you to have a good quality of audio-play on your personal computer.

3. Visualizations

The next important feature as your reason why you have to know just after you Download RealPlayer is the visualizations. The visualizations provided by this app are FrequencywurX, FirewurX, FlamewurX, XFactor, Spectral View, Fluxwave, Puddle, Paint Drops, Polkadots, Stickers 1.0, Circle on The Road, Real Logo and Hubble Bubble.

Herein, this visualization feature enables you to choose which visualization you prefer to choose from the available ones.

4. Firefox Browser Download

Other feature you have to know if you Download RealPlayer is the Firefox browser download. It means that RealPlayer has a browser download add-on for Firefox which later enables you to download your desired video out of the video player window. In this case, there will be a pop-up menu appears at the top right side of the video player.

This is very useful when you want to download the videos at Firefox. Thus, this feature shows its other ease for you.

5. Media Converter

There is no reason not to Download RealPlayer now since it is also supported by the media converter feature. Media converter feature will help you to convert files to a variety of usual audio-video formats. Media converter is also one of the reasons why most people Download RealPlayer for their media player app.


Finally, we can come to the conclusion that it would be good to Download RealPlayer and install this app on your computer to share and enjoy the best audio and video enjoyment. The five features of RealPlayer will definitely support you in the way you share audio-video easily.

Detail Software RealPlayer

Support For Windows:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (64 bit)
File Size: 1,07 MB

Download RealPlayer Latest Version for Windows FileHorse

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