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Download Pinnacle Studio Free for Windows – Have you been familiar with Pinnacle Studio? Most of the software users must have already been familiar with this software. However, if you feel something strange, stay on this page to find out what actually the software is and how can it be useful.

Pinnacle Studio has more to offer. Through the features added, this software proved to be the most flexible and creative video editing software in these times. To ensure you about it, you may simply refer to the following features review.

Pinnacle Studio Features

1. Simplified Color Grading

The first feature of Pinnacle Studio you have to take a look is the simplified color grading. In this case, you can control the usage of color gradings such as color correction, color tuning, and luminance. You can also adjust the image to produce a sun-kissed scenario or the iced blue scenery by using this feature. Along with the simplified color grading, you can have a good result of a video.

2. Multi-Capture

The next feature dealing with software capability is the multi-capture. This way, you will be able to take a record of your screen as well as the webcam. Later, you can be able to create the tutorial videos by optimizing multi-capture feature. Thus, you can easily capture the video, audio system and the sound of a microphone just by one click.

3. Selective Color

The third feature you have to check out is the selective colorability. This means the software is able to select the color that has already been in the picture. You can also select the background in black and white so that you can create a unique effect for your next video.

4. Time Remapping

Later, you must also check out that Pinnacle Studio is also featuring time remapping. Time remapping allows you to add slow motion as well as high-speed effects easily to your videos. Besides, you can also cut the action, reverse, and replay the scenes that you like most.

5. Audio Editing

Pinnacle Studio has also a feature of audio editing. This feature is very helpful to mute the audio, fade in/out, add royalty-free music to the timeline and adjust the length of the movie. Supported by ScoreFitter music library, you will be able to work on audio editing well without any obstruction.

6. Timeline Editing

The next feature of the software you have to optimize to get the best result of video editing is the timeline editing. This way, you are able to trim the video and edit it at free on the timeline which consists of multi-tracks. This feature also allows you to create picture-in-picture and multi-layer HD effects by an accurate frame.

7. Video and Photo Slideshow

Another capability offered by Pinnacle Studio as the video editing software is the video and photo slideshow. You need only to drag and drop your photos, videos, music, SmartMovie, and etc. later, you can preview the slideshow and go to the timeline to edit it so that you can get a more customized movie.


All in all, Pinnacle Studio is good for video editing due to the useful features you can optimize. The 7 selected features described above are expected to show you that this software is very good to pick up.

Detail Software Pinnacle Studio

Support For Windows:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (64 bit)
File Size: 3,61 MB

Download Pinnacle Studio Free for Windows FileHorse

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