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Download Fresh View Latest Version – Fresh View is a multimedia player application specifically designed to bring a myriad of new and unique features for Windows users. This application is not just a media player, but is a smart media player that provides a number of interesting and unique features such as Picture, Cast for Chromecast and DLNA devices, record media content to local storage, automatically search or download subtitles, search and play directly from OneDrive without the need to download, find and play media content stored on the media server network and more.

The Best Features in Fresh View

1. Picture

This app provides Picture support. By using this facility you can play, project (cast) and record two media content at the same time. When the feature is supported by casting and recording, this app will have many capabilities, for example, You can watch movies, while the other media is “casting” on your children’s TV.

The Picture app is also equipped with several options for controlling the display, dividing the screen, giving more space to cast or even drag the cast and adjust it to the size of the position you want. In addition, the app not only allows temporary players in Picture mode (channeling two content at the same time) but is also able to stream every content to multiple devices. For example, you can play the same movie for several Chromecast devices and/or DLNA devices at the same time.

2. Casting

Usually if Casting to a large screen with traditional media players, the most common problem that occurs when casting to a large screen is that “not all devices support all media formats, therefore casting may fail”. Well, this is not the case with Fresh View. This application is designed to overcome this problem.

The app can run Cast media content to Chromecast and/or DLNA devices such as Smart TV, Xbox, Media Renderer, etc. No matter whether the device supports the format or not, the app will still play content even if the device does not support the format. For example, Chromecast does not support. FLV files, but with this app you can now play. FLV files and other files to Chromecast devices.

3. Subtitles

Fresh View will save you precious time by searching and downloading your own subtitles automatically for you. You can also browse available sub-titles and choose subtitles that you need to download without leaving the application or searching on the online site. In addition to other features such as saving the downloaded sub-title, loading the local sub-title, configuring the subtitle display, customizing subtitles, and others.

4. Recording

With just one tap, you can start and stop recording easily. You can record music to your device at any time. Even if you use Picture feature, you can record on each player separately.

5. Media sources

Fresh View provides quick access to your content on the Media server and OneDrive networks. You can browse and play content stored directly – without the need to download – to your local storage. New media sources will be added in the next release to browse and play content from popular sites.

Detail Software Fresh View

Support For Windows :

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (64 bit)
File Size : 2 MB

Download Fresh View New Version For Windows FileHorse

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