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Download Format Factory Free for PC Windows 7 – If you have just installed your Windows operating system, don’t forget to download format factory for PC. It is one of media converter applications designed for Windows. As a free and convenient media converter, format factory provides a complete set of tools for audio and video conversion. This will allow your gallery to be compatible with many types of devices used nowadays.

Download Format Factory Free for Windows

Most people like to download format factory because of the clean and easy user interface and the ability to support a wide range of media files. Moreover, downloading this software will lead you to a benefit to get Video Joiner, Audio Joiner and Mux features as the free bonus.

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Format Factory Features

1. File Conversion

The first feature you can check out here is the file conversion. Format factory provides a large number of options for media files conversion. This way, you need only to drag and drop the media file on the Window just after launching the program. There will be conversions options for some particular file you are looking for. Later, you can select one conversion format that you like most and adjust the quality.

2. Advanced Features

You must believe that if you download format factory, you can be able to use all of the advanced features of the software. This way, you can find the features you are going to use in the menu “Advanced”. All of the media files will be popping up to let you find the video joiner, audio joiner, and batch rename.

3. Customization Tools

The next feature to check out is the customization tools to enable you to adjust the settings and configuration. If you open the upper toolbar, you will find a viewer, skin color selector, language and help options. These tools are all easy and fast to help you done with the work.

4. Freely To Download

Free of charge is the most-wanted feature that most people are looking for. If you want a free video conversion software, you are lucky enough to find this article since the format factory is available for free download. Thus, if you are looking for free media converter, you can consider downloading format factory.

5. Ripping File Formats

Do you know that format factory also offers an ability to rip file formats especially the DVDs and CDs to other file formats? Well, it is true. It can also create .iso images. In short, you will never feel disappointed if you download format factory on your Windows.

6. Drawbacks

While there are so many reasons why this software is very much considerable, there will also be drawbacks. This software is designed only for Windows and noted to have compatibility issues with Windows 8.1. To avoid this problem, you can just select other Windows version so that there will be no problem as the drawbacks.


All in all, it is quite necessary to download format factory to allow you to work with media conversion. Referring to the features described above, it is clear that this software is very beneficial to download for your computer.

Detail Software Format Factory

Support For Windows:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (64 bit)
File Size: 87,14 MB

Download Format Factory Latest Version for Windows FileHorse

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