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Download Cyberlink PowerDirector Free for Windows – If you are looking for video editing software with very complete features, Cyberlink PowerDirector can be the right option to figure out. Designed as one of the recommended video editing software, this one comes with professional grade video editing as well as video production for everybody around the world. No matter what your profession is and whether you are a beginner or advanced user, this software is very much suitable to touch all levels of users.

Finding out more information is as crucial as taking a look at the following review which deals with the features and what they can do to make you believe that it is the most complete video editing software in the market place. However, the followings are some selected features out of those large number.

Cyberlink PowerDirector Features

1. Express Video Making

Featuring express video making, this software offers you a big simplicity and easiness to make the video. The ready-made templates have been available along with its effects, transitions, animations, and music. You can just choose one out of the available templates and apply to your video. In this case, adding the clips to the timeline and tap on “produce” is as simple as you have never imagined.

2. Action Camera Availability

The second feature you can optimize just after installing Cyberlink PowerDirector on your computer is the action camera. When you are required to edit, correct and enhance the action footage, action camera provides a big help to do it.

3. One-Click Color Correction

If you want to create a true-to-life display, you can definitely optimize the hues and vibrancy in the video. This way, the color will automatically support you in doing so. That’s why Cyberlink PowerDirector is considered to be the best video editing software in the color correction for professional grade.

4. Customizable Design Tools

This is a feature that most users are looking for. Customizable design tools offer complete control to customize the video editing software to create the best video projects. The tools you can optimize are:

  • Title designer to customize the fonts, colors, motion, blur and other related functions.
  • PiP designer to add energy to the video by overlaying the animated objects.
  • Theme designer to provide animated slideshow with the available design template.
  • Mask designer to create a fusing video clip by implementing the transparency chosen.
  • Transition designer to provide unique transitions out the alpha channel mask.
  • Paint designer to design hand-drawn along with an array and brushes usage.
  • Subtitle room to complete your videos with unique subtitle.
  • Menu designer to provide unique disc menu for the layout and style.

5. Video Pre-Cut

Cyberlink PowerDirector is also featuring video pre-cut where you can pre-cut long clips into the short segments. These segments can be used more than once for multiple projects you are working on.

6. Nested Video Editing

Lastly, you must check the feature of nested video editing. This one feature allows you to add and edit more than one projects in the same video projects to get more efficiency and creativity.


Finally, you can surely consider Cyberlink PowerDirector to install on your computer especially if you are busy around making video projects. Thus, you need a video editing software with complete features like this one.

Detail Software Cyberlink PowerDirector

Support For Windows:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (64 bit)
File Size: 1,1 MB

Download Cyberlink PowerDirector Free for Windows FileHorse

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