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Download Beyond Compare Latest Version – Have you ever compared files in two folders? Maybe, with the aim to find out if there are the same files in both folders so you can delete one of them to reduce the density in your storage space. How do you compare it? Is it done manually by opening it one by one? If the folder contains hundreds of subfolders how long will it take? There is an easier and simpler way to use application help turns out. The name of the application is Beyond Compare.

Comparing files in folders or directories is generally done to find out if the data in the folder changes without permission from the owner. For example, to compare data that is on a web server that might be attacked by hackers they need to backup data that has been made beforehand to determine which files have been modified by the hacker. But the process of comparing the file is not only done by the webmaster, but we can also easily do it using the help of Beyond Compare software. The app has indeed been designed for the purpose of comparing the data. This program is portable for Windows operating systems, can be used to compare files that are in two folders including the subfolders.

How to Use Beyond Compare

Two folders to be compared must be selected first. Click browse to select the folder to compare, then click the Compare button to do the process. Each file in both folders will be displayed in the list, path one and path two indicate the folder location of the file in question. The Description column shows whether the two files are identical or different. The app compares several parameters grouped into three parts namely, attributes, times and miscellaneous. These parameters can be set by selecting the option button so that the benchmarking process is as desired. This will greatly facilitate you to restore lost data with features such as GetDataBack software.

Here’s the easiest way to automatically compare 2 similar folders and their contents. You don’t need to check the contents of the folder one by one which is obviously a waste of time. But with Beyond Compare, just a few clicks, this software will give results quickly. Suppose you want to look for differences in the contents of a duplicate folder, compare components of WordPress themes updated versions with previous versions; or other purposes that are of a comparative nature. More than that, file/data types are compared to almost all types of files. For more details here are some of the main functions and features of the app:

1. This software is Open Source so it can be used for free.
2. Software size is relatively small
3. The data type that is compared includes all Windows file types.
4. The file types that are compared can be sorted by extension or file type and can also be overall.
5. Special types of text files such as .txt, CSS, js, XML and other text files are available to text editor features so that they can be edited directly in this software.
6. The text editor has a highlight feature that makes it easy to find differences.

Beyond Compare is really useful for you.

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Support For Windows:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (64 bit)

Download Beyond Compare Latest Version For Windows FileHorse

File Size : 21,22 MB

Support For Mac OS X:

Download Beyond Compare Latest Version For Mac OS FileHorse

File Size : 18,29 MB

The Official Beyond Compare Website:

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