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Download Adobe Premiere Pro Free for Windows – Do you realize that Adobe Premiere Pro is categorized as one of the recommended video editing software on the top list? The big capabilities of the software offered to you makes the name of Adobe Premiere Pro begins to popular among the software users around the world.

Some basic features are known to be very powerful and accessible as soon as there is a new version released. Times after times, this software is always developed into the updated versions so that you can choose either the old version or the new one to install on your computer.

As one of the top video editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro carries some capabilities through its representative features reviewed in the following session.

Adobe Premiere Pro Features

1. Extended Format Support

The first thing you have to know out of this software is the extended format support. In this case, you can import the HEIF files stored in iOS devices into this software and Media Encoder on Mac OS 2003 or higher. Besides, you can also import the files out of the Windows 10 version. This, the extended format support allows you to import the files just in a simple way.

2. Intelligent Audio Clean Up

Secondly, you must check out the feature of audio clean-up which is considered intelligent. To optimize this feature function, you can directly dial down or delete the background noise using the sliders of DeNoise and DeReverb located in the Essential Sound panel. This clean-up action is also very easy to carry out.

3. Selective Color Grading

Like other video editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro is also enriched with the feature of selective color grading. To enable this feature, you must use the Lumetri Color tools including the curve adjustment. The curve adjustment consisting of two axes along with the paired values. Thus, you can easily find fine-tune colors more accurately.

4. End-to-End VR 180

What does this feature mean? Well, this feature allows you to turn into the immersive video support for 180 VR along with the inclusion of optimized ingest and effects. As a result, video editing will finish with the Google VR180 format. Later, you can definitely publish it on YouTube as well as other platforms. If you like uploading videos on YouTube either for personal satisfaction or commercial, you must download Adobe Premiere Pro.

5. Adobe Stock Enhancement

The next feature you have to take a look soon is the Adobe stock enhancement. This feature allows you to search and sort the cinematic footage and design the motion graphic templates for professional importance using the panel of this feature. Herein, you can have a more professional look over your video.

6. Display Color Management

The last but not least feature you have to know is the display color management. Adobe Premiere Pro is adding this feature to enable you to get the sharp color and manage the color fidelity to show the expected video display.


All in all, Adobe Premiere Pro is good to have on your computer. Considering the 6 representative features selected and reviewed on this page, you must understand how useful this software to help you work with video editing.

Detail Software Adobe Premiere Pro

Support For Windows:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (64 bit)
File Size: 1,99 MB

Download Adobe Premiere Pro Free for Windows FileHorse

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