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Download Acronis True Image Latest Version 2019 – Have you ever lost your data? The data means files and the entire system of operations. However, it would have never happened if you have backup software to save your file. One of the best backup software for pc is Acronis True Image. This software will create a reliable backup for your pc in three ways.

Acronis True Image is able to clone and duplicating all of your files with one click. However, this software also can store your file on a site to save your file via online. Therefore, Acronis True Image is trusted with the powerful quick recover. It will restore your files faster than other similar software. Moreover, how to download Acronis True Image and what are the features of this awesome software?

Acronis True Image features:

1. Acronis True Image Is Able to Do Full Image Backup

Acronis True image provides a full backup to copy your system disk or other selected partition. However, this software works by making a full copy or mirror image to another place. You can choose your file or partition as well. Individual file, folder, operating system, or other can be restored immediately using Acronis True Image.

2. Acronis True Image Can Be Used as Disk Cleaner

You can manage your files and delete the unnecessary item from your disk. It is the second new function of Acronis True Image software. This software is able to clean up your backup disk and deleting your unwanted files. However, Acronis True Image will let you choose the file by yourself and remove it from backup category files.

3. Acronis True Image has a Ransomware Active Protector

Ransomware causes a crippling on your operating system, encrypting on your files, and infecting your network as well. However, this problem can be resolved by installing Acronis True Image on your pc or laptop. Acronis True Image has a feature to reject any ransomware on your pc which has full and active scan protection.

4. WinPe Media Builder

Another feature of Acronis True Image is creating a boot media of your operating system. This function will resolve your driver configuration issues and set your network settings configuration. Furthermore, do not forget to set up the simple mode or default that can be customized in advanced mode. This feature will prevent you to install other troublesome software. By using only Acronis True Image, you do not need other similar application anymore.

5. Acronis True Image Provides a Survival Kit

This feature is going to keep and clone your individual file or even operating system you need an external disk. However, any crash or trouble in your pc will be not troubled anymore. Furthermore, this feature can even make a second copy of your required boot media as well.

Detail Software Acronis True Image

Support For Windows:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (64 bit)
File Size: 552,12 MB

Download Acronis True Image Latest Version for Windows FileHorse

The Official Acronis True Image Website:

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