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Download Ableton Live for Free Latest Version – Do you ever download Ableton Live? Or perhaps you don’t know Ableton Live yet? Congratulations! Now you come to the right page and find this article to show and share your valuable information about Ableton Live.

Being different from any other software sequencers, Ableton Live is aimed to be both an instrument for live performances and tools for recording, arranging, composing, mastering and mixing the music. If you are new to music sequencers and know nothing about them, you can simply read out the following review showing the features of the software dealing with the software functions.

Ableton Live Features

1. Compact Interface

Ableton Live is designed with the compact interface to carry out live performance and production along with the single screen. That’s why it has a very few popping up dialogs. There are some portions of the interface which are hidden and appeared segments based on the arrows. This way you may click to make the segments viewed or hidden.

2. Flexible Performance and Improvisation

If you download Ableton Live, you will get the benefit of having the most flexible performance and improvisation of the software. This means that the software works out well in the performance suiting your needs and can improve the way you want to improve something along with the software.

3. Unlimited Undo

The next feature you can optimize just after downloading the software is the unlimited undo feature. This feature enables you to cancel what you are doing with the software more than once. Thus, before you finally get the expected result, you can try the way you want the music sequencer to do for you and your music.

4. Easy MIDI Mapping

The next feature you can just optimize is the easy MIDI mapping. You can actually click which parameter you want to map, you can just carry out free a press a key or just send a MIDI message.

5. Dedicated Hardware Instrument

What’s more to know about Ableton Live? Well, if you download Ableton Live, you will have a dedicated hardware instrument. Yes, it is true that Ableton Live is possessing a dedicated hardware instrument. One of the instruments is the MIDI controllers which are very important to work solely with the software. Another instrument is Novation digital music system which is creating the “Launchpad”.

6. Add-Ons

There are some additional instruments which are also the parts of Ableton Live. This way, these additional instruments are usually separately purchased. Those are Amp to deliver the sound, Sampler to enhance the sampler, Analog to perform an analog synthesizer, Drum Machines to emulate the classic drum machine, and many more.

7. Effects

The last but not least feature you have to check out is the effects. It has been adapted to the Ableton interface. There are two effects to know. They are MIDI effects and audio effects.


Overall, you may not forget to download Ableton Live if you need a music sequencer especially when you are working for live performance and live production.

Detail Software Ableton Live

Support For Windows:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (64 bit)

Download Ableton Live for Free Latest Version FileHorse

The Official Ableton Live Website:

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