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Download Abelssoft EasyBackup Latest Version for Windows – Backup your important files today are necessary since there are many factors that can cause data loss. In many cases, accidental damage is the common reason why your data lose. However, harmful virus-like malware is also taking a significant role in data loss, so does when your file is suddenly corrupted.

Moreover, in case of data loss, you can try to solve it with software. There have been so many backup software which stands for assisting you to back up your files effectively. One that is designed simply and easy is Abelssoft EasyBackup. Prior download Abelssoft EasyBackup, have a look about its features below:

Abelssoft EasyBackup Features

Abelssoft EasyBackup definitely has several good points regarding the aspect of backing up data. The followings are the explication about them:

1. Comfortable to be Used

Abelssoft EasyBackup is totally developed simply so the users can operate it easily, although you have never deal with that kind of application. For instance, when you would like to back up your files, you can directly plug the storage medium. Then, Abelssoft EasyBackup will automatically create the backup files. Meanwhile, you can also restore your backup data by choosing restore option in the clear calendar view and it will be processed within minutes.

Furthermore, Abelssoft possesses a simply contemporary interface. For example, the wizard is simply established as you can across the process in some easy steps. It is really giving you a comfortable feel whenever you operate it.

2. Set the Backup Time by Your Own

What makes download Abelssoft EasyBackup is well-off is you are allowed to set the time of Backup by yourself. Consequently, Abelssoft Easybackup will run the backup process by the time you connect the backup drive to your PC. Now you don’t need to configure the application first because it will work automatically.

3. Protect Your Backup Files

Nonetheless, it is great to protect your backup data so anything can take it away anymore. This what Abelssoft EasyBackup attempts to do for you, let you set the password on the backup files so those will be safer.

4. Filter Your Backup Files

Once that Abelssoft can do for you is filtering your backup files based on types of file. The particular type of files which dominates among others can be carefully chosen from the predefined list. It absolutely lessens you in doing that job. Select the files then give a name for the backup folder.

5. Alternative Backup

Abelssoft EasyBackup also permits you to back up a type of files to different NTFS formatted partitions. In other words, a drive can be used only for one type of files due to Abelssoft EasyBackup is available for 1:1 drive image.

Download Abelssoft EasyBackup

To download Abelssoft Easy backup, you need to pay $19.90. for your information, this application is compatible for at least Windows 7. Thus, if your PC doesn’t meet the requirement, you should haven’t taken this one.

By all means, download Abelssoft EasyBackup is quite good because it is so friendly-used for everyone.

Detail Software Abelssoft EasyBackup

Support For Windows:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (64 bit)
File Size:  6,39 MB

Download Abelssoft EasyBackup Latest Version for Windows FileHorse

The Official Abelssoft EasyBackup Website:

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