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The team at Sweet Tooth Children's Dentistry helps children in Rancho Cucamonga, California, achieve healthy, straight smiles with orthodontics, minimizing alignment problems while jaws are still growing. They make it one of their primary objectives to help create and preserve your child’s natural smile during all phases of growth. For more information on expert orthodontic care for your child, call Sweet Tooth Children's Dentistry or make an appointment online.

Orthodontics Q & A

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics includes all the treatments and procedures that help your child have a straight, healthy smile so they can avoid oral health problems associated with crooked teeth as well as feel more confident about their appearance.

How will I know if my child needs orthodontics?

As pediatric dentists, the team at Sweet Tooth Children's Dentistry monitors children as they grow and develop to watch for early signs of misalignment and crowding that could indicate a need for orthodontic care in the future.

When signs do appear, early interventions can be put into place to help reduce the length of time orthodontic appliances will be needed and to potentially prevent the need for more extensive corrections later on.

What types of early intervention methods are available?

Space maintainers are the most common type of intervention. These tiny devices are inserted in the spaces left by missing baby teeth, preventing neighboring teeth from drifting into the opening and ensuring adult teeth can emerge without being crowded.

Cross-bites of the primary and permanent teeth are another common correction needed.  Cross-bites occur in the back teeth, usually as a result of prolonged thumb or pacifier sucking and show up as a shift in the child’s bite or chewing pattern. They can be corrected with a simple device over a period of fewer than six months. Cross-bites also occur in the front teeth, known as the incisors, shortly after they emerge into the mouth and can be corrected with a retainer or home exercises if caught early.

General crowding can also indicate early intervention. Often it is carefully monitored and the child will outgrow it. Sometimes it requires expansion and/or early removal of baby teeth.

The experienced dentists at Sweet Tooth Children’s Dentistry will be able to tell which types of interventions your child needs based on their unique situation.

Do all orthodontic treatments require braces?

No. Because your dentist monitors your child's mouth and facial development from a young age, some relatively minor issues such as crossbites and other bite-pattern issues can often be corrected in just a few months with removable retainers or simple appliances that are temporarily cemented to tooth surfaces.

How soon should my child be evaluated for orthodontics?

The team at Sweet Tooth Children’s Dentistry regularly keeps track of every patient's development, beginning with their first visit. Your dentist performs an “ongoing surveillance” to look for early signs of problems and will discuss concerns with you as soon as they become apparent.

If you have specific questions about orthodontic care, the team at Sweet Tooth Children’s Dentistry is always ready to discuss concerns during your child's office visit. Call or book an appointment online.